Have Questions?

Q: I want to register but have never completed a "race" before.

A: The Isolation Run is not a "race" but you can go fast! It's a movement that allows anyone, of any ability, to run anywhere they can, indoors or outdoors, up/down your stairs, in your basement, in your backyard or if social distancing allows around your block and/or in your community.

Q: Is this a Virtual Race that will send me a medal, tshirt and race bib?

A: No, this is not a Virtual Run or Race but somewhat comparable.  The difference here is we are much more open and flexible with your goals.  If we get some Sponsors and Partners we might be able to get people a souvenir of some kind, and some of our Charity Partners do have fundraising goals and incentives which will include some swag.  One of our current Sponsors, www.roadraceresults.com will have a free downloadable certificate available on their website if/when you submit an actual real finish time if you use one of the many apps today connected to GPS.  So you can record your efforts for posterity and social media sharing (this Certificate is coming later in April in the new platform release at www.roadraceresults.com


Q: How will I stay motivated when I am cooped up alone in my quarantine life?

A1: Check out great Facebook groups like Self Isolation Running or Quarantined Runners and get inspired, see how runners around the world are managing, setting up courses in their homes and challenging themselves to "go the extra mile" in these uncertain times.

A2: Use some of the many apps and technical devices to record your activity, there are now literally hundreds of them available and most are free. If you have the resources or means you can hire one of the many online coaches available, ask us for referrals if needed!

A3: There are no shortage of great books and inspiring sources to keep your focus up. BUT really all you need to do is turn on the news and check out how the nurses, doctors and everyone on staff are doing inside hospitals and nursing homes. That might inspire you to put those shoes on, again, and go further than you did yesterday.

A4: If you can, go for a run, in isolation and practicing social distancing, and head towards your nearest health care facility. Run your laps around the building and see how that feels. Maybe someone will be watching you from a window who you can provide a welcome distraction for. Or maybe while you are doing laps a Doctor, Nurse, Cleaner or staff member arrives or leaves their shift. Give them a remote high five and tell them you are doing what you can. Then go home and tell 100 friends to donate to your page!


Q: I don't have any alliances or connections to any hospitals, nursing homes since I live remotely and have never required support or medical needs.

A: Perfect. You are one of the lucky ones. Tiptop shape, great genetics, superior handwashing skills. We can suggest 847 places across Canada, don't worry, someone will accept your donations! Close your eyes and randomly pick one from our growing list!


Q: How far should I be running and for how long?

A1: How far you go in kilometres or how long you run in minutes, hours or weeks(!) really depends on your fitness and fundraising goals. If you are new to running or maybe a little out of shape, a good 4-6 week goal would include a 5k run at the end, going non-stop without rest breaks for 5km or approximately 3500 steps! (you may get dizzy trying to count, so instead count how many steps you take in a minute and consider that distance travelled and extrapolate from there). This type of challenge should equate with a $500 fundraising goal.

A2: Maybe you are in decent shape because you are already very active, or you entered the Pandemic Period (PP - March 15th) with some decent fitness under your feet. A long time ago you even entered a charity 10k and survived. Now, with our guidance and support, you might decide that a two-hour run or half marathon distance (21.1kms) is your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). ...
Since this isolation situation won't be going away anytime soon, you can SIGN UP for a 3-4 month plan, aim to raise $1000 (minimum in our opinion) and sink your teeth into this goal. It may change your life, but for certain this COMMITMENT will make a huge difference to or health care workers and its PROVEN 1,000 times over your friends, family and peer network will be impressed with this incredible, achievable goal. Do it.  
A3: VETERAN, EXPERIENCED runners might be interested in this option. Since NO RACES are happening in the immediate future, the Isolation Run provides our serious endurance athletes with a unique, one-of-a-kind opportunity. 
Running another marathon for you? BORING. Doing some serious mileage week after week and filling up those training logs. YAWN. Taking your fitness challenge to never-seen-before heights? NOW DO YOU HAVE OUR ATTENTION? 
How about mentoring a handful of non-runners to take on the Isolation Challenge with you as their GUIDE? How about your GROUP, TRIBE or POSSE collectively taking on a TEAM CHALLENGE, enabling and assisting others and putting out there a BIG FUNDRAISING GOAL of....lets say....$5000? See now we're talking right? 
As we all know, that 8th marathon you finished really wasn't such a big deal after all. And you qualified for Boston. Big Whoop. Today while you watched Netflix our health care workers finished another 16-hour shift and had to watch one of their fellow coworkers die. Maybe they are short on medical supplies and had to re-use their PPE instead of using a fresh, safe, clean one.  Did we get your attention now?

STARTING ON AUGUST 1st, all fundraisers who achieve $1000 in fundraising / donations will receive a $100 Via Rail Canada Gift Travel Voucher, eligible anywhere in Canada and valid until December 31st, 2021.


With your support anything here is possible.  We just need big picture thinkers.


Join Us.

Join the Movement.


Register now and lets make a difference.

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